An olive oil tour is the latest foodie experience on the Babylonstoren farm.

 The walking tour starts with a visit to their balsamic vinegar cellar, where guests will gain insight into the traditional methods and production processes used to create our DOP-style three-year-old and IGP-style twelve-year-old balsamic vinegars – from picking and pressing grapes, boiling the grape juice as well as the lengthy maturation process in our battery of wooden kegs. Guests will get to taste both of their aged vinegars before stepping outside to become familiarised with their farm and its history.

The second part of the tour takes place in their olive production plant, where you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at how Babylonstoren’s table olives are made before sampling the plump fruit. After the tasting, they go to the olive press where the process of transforming olives into golden olive oil by means of the cold extraction process is explained.

Finally, guests take part in a tasting of all their olive oils, including Babylonstoren’s unique blend and their single variety Frantoio oil. As is the case with a wine tasting, an oil tasting involves most of the senses. You will see the colour (slight green to golden yellow, depending on the particular variety pressed that day), smell the clean and fresh, leafy or fruity aromas and feel the silkiness on the tongue and throat after taking a sip. Guests are invited to make their own 100 ml blend from the different oils to take home as a small keepsake of the tour.

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